Support foodbanks of the world

With the Corona Virus, people have lost their jobs, their loved ones, and their homes.
We implore you to give love and food to those in need, the ones that are less privileged than we are right now.
You can donate to these food banks and support us by adding to this list by mailing us.

Name City Country
Mumbais Fight Against COVID 19 Mumbai India
Support COVID Hit Families Delhi India
FeedIndia Delhi India
Foodbank NYC New York City United States of America
TrusselTrust London United Kingdom
Caritas Italiana Rome Italy
Northern Illinois Food Bank Chicago United States of America
California Association of Food Banks Los Angeles United States of America
Feeding America Washington D.C United States of America
Idaho Foodbank Idaho, USA United States of America
Community Food Bank of New Jersey New Jersey United States of America
SaveOurFaves San Francisco United States of America
Bailout.NYC New York City United States of America
Edmonton FoodBank Edmonton Canada
Banc Dels Aliments Barcelona Spain
Banco De Alimentos De Madrid Madrid Spain
Banco De Alimentos De Seville Seville Spain
Banco De Alimentos De Valencia Valencia Spain
Banco De Alimentos De Granada Granada Spain
Banco Alimetar Lisboa Lisbon Portugal
Foo Forward South Africa Cape Town South Africa
Lagos Food Bank Lagos Nigeria
Food Bank of North East Georgia Athens, Georgia United States of America
Berliner Tafel Berlin Germany
Munchner Tafel Munich Germany
Frankfurter Tafel Frankfurt Germany
Hamburger Tafel Hamburg Germany
Seoul Food Bank Seoul South Korea
Rizq Lahore Pakistan
Banque Alimentaire Paris Paris France
Banque Alimentaire Du Rhone Lyon France
Scweizer Tafel Zurich Switzerland
Voedselbank Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
Voedselbank Rotterdam Rotterdam Rotterdam
Voedselbank Brussels Brussels Netherlands
One Taka Meal Dhaka Bangladesh
Tider Istanbul Turkey
Food Aid Foundation Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Banco De Alimentos Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Brazil
Food Bank of Brasilia Brasilia Brazil
Food Center Stockholm Stockholm Sweden
Second Harvest Tokyo Japan
Red De Alimentos Santiago Chile
Potravinova Banka Pro Praha Prague Czech Republic
Manathai Communities Foodbank Bangkok Thailand
Wiener Tafel Vienna Austria
Food Bank Australia Canberra Australia
Banco De Alimentos Quito Ecuador
Gleaners Community Food Bank Detroit Michigan
Foodbank Wellington Wellington New Zealand
Foodbank Russia Moscow Russia
Fundación Banco Arquidiocesano de Alimentos Medellín Medellin Colombia
Banco De Alimentos Bogota Bogota Colombia
ShareTheMeal World World
Penny Appeal Syria Damascus Syria
Penny Appeal Nepal Kathmandu Nepal
Penny Appeal Afghanistan Kabul Afghanistan
Penny Appeal Bangladesh Dhaka Bangladesh
Penny Appeal South Africa Cape Town South Africa
Penny Appeal Palestine Ramallah Palestine
Penny Appeal Yemen Sana'a Yemen
Penny Appeal Lebanon Beirut Lebanon
Leket Israel Tel Aviv Israel
Daily Bread Food Bank Toronto Canada
Greater Vancouver Food Bank Vancouver Canada
Banquea Alimentaire Morccow Casablanca Morocco
Food Bank Kenya Nairobi Kenya
Banki Zywnosci Poland Warsaw Poland
Euro Food Bank Europe Europe
Kuwait Food Bank Kuwait City Kuwait
Feed Our Homeless Dublin Ireland
Matsentralen Oslo Norway
Oasis Food Bank Beijing China
Capital Area Food Bank Washington D.C United States of America
Northwest Harvest Seattle United States of America
Feeding Florida Miami United States of America
Egyptian Food Bank Cairo Egypt